Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blog #66 -2015 fast approaching - Interesting times?

As we are fast approaching the festive season I would like to send the best wishes of all EBU staff for a happy festive season and a healthy New Year.

2015 has the promise of being interesting for the EBU; in July (yes, it takes ages) our appeal against VAT on competition bridge goes before the "Second Tier" Tribunal.  While we have no guarantee of success, we are confident that we have a good case to put in front of this tribunal.   The benefit to us, and thus our members, should we win, would be substantial.

At the same time we are pursuing an appeal with UK Sport, regarding the definition of Sport that they choose to use which is very different to other parts of officialdom.  Once again, should we eventually meet with success in this area it could be of serious benefit to us.

We will keep you informed during 2015!

Barry Capal