Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Blog 60 - A new website (yes, at last)

I am pleased to say that after a long wait, and a lot of work, our new website will be hitting the streets fairly soon.

The new site has been designed using a content management system, called DRUPAL (  for those that want to know.  This type of facility places updating more in the hands of the people that are best able to deal with the detail.

You will notice quite a lot of changes, especially in how the screen is organised.  We have carried across some of the more modern aspects, including the members area, but there are many other very welcome changes, especially with searching, which will actually deliver meaningful search results now!

Once the new web pages are made live the full  migration will still take a considerable time, as we have very many pages of information  to migrate from our current web site, and even a previous iteration.  We will provide links direct from our new website to the old one, but access will continue to be via the usual URL -

It is likely that we will have some errors, particularly with broken links; if you find any please let us know, NOT by telephone, but by sending an email to  If a link is broken and your enquiry is urgent, I would suggest that you simply link to the old website from the link on the home page of the new one.

Please be patient, migrating a website is a very long winded process, which we will do as quickly and efficiently as possible.   Keep a look out on this website (the old one) for notice of the exact date we will change over!