Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Blog 58 - Good things are happening!

It is almost three years since Universal Membership for EBU clubs came into force - April 1st 2010 will forever be etched into my brain...

One of the principal reasons for UM was to reinvigorate our bridge clubs and this, by all accounts, is happening in many places.   There are more people playing club bridge than there were in the year 2010-2011; indeed the numbers have gone up each year.  This we know for sure, as we now have a growing and comprehensive database of all games played at our clubs and our various events, whether at county or national level.  We will soon have details about league games as well, especially when the results are submitted using our League Management System, which came into use for the current "league season".

This past few months has seen a number clubs either return to affiliation or become affiliated for the first time and we are delighted to welcome the following clubs -
  1. Manchester University affiliated 25/09/1012
  2. Thistleworth Lawn Tennis BC 11/10/2012
  3. Rugby BC 16/11/2012
  4. 10CC  BC 18/12/2012
  5. Haslemere and Grayswood 01/04/2013 ( i.e. in the new year commencing from April 1st)
We also have six more clubs in the process of decision making about affiliating with us. RAC Pall Mall intend to affiliate soon.

During the past couple of years we have trained well over 200 club based teachers and loads of club tournament directors, taking advantage of the development schemes we have in place for our affiliated clubs.

Our regional and national club committees are now firmly established and they are getting involved and consulted about the policies and development of our clubs.

So please make the most of your affiliation, and if you are reading this and your club isn't affiliated, please get in touch with Andrew Urbanski our Club Liaison Officer  (andrew@ebu.co.uk) who will be able to take you through all the benefits including security for your club players through our regulation and mediation services, corporate governance assistance through our model club constitution and many great offers and discounts at the EBU shop – providing all you need to play bridge and more.

A lot has changed since this all started!