Wednesday, 30 November 2011

BLOG 52 Sims 2012; Price Reduction confirmed at £2.50

I have some good news; it has now been confirmed that when we start running the Sims events from April next year our per player fee for members of our affiliated clubs will be reduced from the current level of £3 per player to £2.50. This will cover provision of commentary booklets electronically, thus saving us all a lot of expense, especially as the Royal Mail are increasing postage rates quite substantially very soon. We will continue to provide paper booklets for those clubs that prefer to get them that way and the cost will be £8 per pack of 20.

We will also be making each event available three sessions per day (but a player may play only once a day!) and five days of the week so all our clubs and their members can take advantage of this new service from the EBU.

For more information about booking your places after April 2012 contact Krys (, see the website in due course, or call the office.

We are delighted that on December 6th we will be running a simultaneous event to test our new capability. Around 90 clubs (including some from the Scottish and Welsh Bridge Unions) have signed up to help us and to take part in our event while testing our new system; we are very grateful for that help. Indeed, some web site errors have already been found by a few clubs which is, of course, just what a test is for!

We have produced a slightly different and innovative commentary for this test event, which will become evident when you see them after your game which we hope you will enjoy.

We will be maintaining direct contact with our clubs with updates on the new sims process.