Friday, 4 June 2010

Blog 44 - Master Point Updates

[May 25th: Update - Full Master Point detail now available in your own members area - login to see it]

Many of you are very interested in how the new master point process works, so I thought I would inform you about how the system works now we have Pay to Play up and running.

From Clubs:-

The scoring files from club games are sent to us, preferably immediately after the game, but often not until much later. These files are processed and then the session detail is associated with each members membership record and every member can (after logging in to their personal members area from the EBU home page) see the basic result detail for their session including any master points they have won. However, at this point the master point records are not updated to the members main totals. There a few reasons for this but the main one is that we need to allow time for scores to be adjusted as errors are found and corrected, something that happens frequently. We therefore wait until a week or two into the next month before updating the members actual record.

So any member can see and verify what they have won as soon as their club has submitted their files to us and be certain that they will eventually find their way into their totals.

From County Events:-

These arrive at the EBU office in different ways. Some submit in the same way as clubs and the same process as above is followed. This is by far our preferred route. Some counties are submitting the "old way" which is still direct update but this requires human intervention and is far less slick as a solution and these do NOT appear on the session records in the members area. They will, of course, appear on your Master Point record when we update them in the month following the county event

From Licensed events:-

We are currently receiving these in lots of different ways but will, later this year, be providing a similar service as for clubs for all licensed events.

From Simultaneous Events:-

We have made arrangements with the ECATSBRIDGE organisers for them to provide the EBU with an electronic notification of the points won in the overall ranking list. It is essential that the organisers are provided with your EBU number as otherwise your points will be "lost" as there is no alternative solution available. These points WILL NOT appear in your session record. However, please remember that points won at the club heat of an event will be awarded in the usual way.

Finally, we are aware that there are some changes that people would like in this area and we are working to do these as soon as we can. Some of these changes require ancient software to be modified and it is thus proving a little difficult to achieve, but we will get things done as soon as we can.