Friday, 20 November 2009

Blog #39 - Further Pay to play IT progress report

Things are progressing well with our development. We have now set up a web based "forum" for providing a place to receive and provide information online about the progress of our development and testing of club downloads. If you wish to participate in this forum, please contact and he will advise you how to register.

We are about to open up testing to P2P file submissions from those clubs that have already been testing their data submission with us. If any other club wants to commence their testing of data and file submissions please also contact We are not in a position to take everybody on just yet but would be happy to take a few more. We will be opening up testing to everybody in January.

We have now tested files produced from Scorebridge; it would certainly be a good idea for those clubs who are using other scoring software programs to ensure that their files are tested before too long.

Details of how to test submission files will be provided on the Forum, so watch out for those details appearing as this will indicate that we are ready for you.

However, before doing so, it will be necessary to send us your membership information as otherwise we will not have database entires to test against. Indeed, by doing both of these things clubs will have tested almost everything that will be necessary for them to "go live" with Pay to Play from April 1st.