Thursday, 9 July 2009

Blog #37 - ...even Jean will like this one...

I was recently invited by the Chairman of Exeter Bridge Club (and an EBU TD, Steve Quinn) to visit with them for one of their summer Friday Swiss Pairs evenings, so I went toddling off with Mrs C for a day.

I found a super club, with fantastic facilities, shared with an indoor bowling centre. Interestingly, this facility belongs to the City Council as a benefit of some sort of “planning gain” during a development by a supermarket chain. The resulting facility is a huge benefit to the local population, and it surely must be a wonderful model for clubs around the country, if they can get involved in a similar scheme.

The club has also been successful with Lottery funding and has obtained a dealing machine as a result. Many clubs have now followed the lead set by Alan Boyes at Pershore Bridge Club in obtaining funding and I hope many more can achieve some benefits in this way.

Why the title you may ask? Well, when I arrived at the club one of the members told me that she hated my blog! I enquired as to how she could hate all 36 of them, but she never answered, just smiled. I considered during the return journey how I could ensure that Jean likes at least one of my blogs.

This is the result!