Friday, 15 May 2009

Blog 35 - It has been a while..

These days finding time to write blogs is more difficult. We are working hard to implement the new systems we have been asked to put in place and I am pleased to say that things are proceeding to plan.

I do find myself still having to deal with the most extraordinary documents that come my way and, I have to take the time to ensure that those of you who receive these documents are informed that they are full of misinformation.

Myths which are being circulated at the moment include that the EBU is requiring a "worm" (a sort of virus) to be installed on all club's computers so that the EBU would know what the clubs are doing and, separately, that the EBU is trying to legally bind clubs to the EBU. These stories and all similar ones are categorically untrue. Those of you who have read the Pay to Play pack of information sent to all our clubs and the club affiliation agreement enclosed with it, will know this to be so.

If any of you have any questions, or want real information on all aspects of Universal Membership via Pay to Play, please contact us by email on or on our helpline 01296 317200.

Looking to the future, we have started to introduce various membership benefits that are and will remain available exclusively to EBU members and we hope that this will include all those members in our affiliated clubs. The latest addition to this growing list being a new relationship with HMCA, an organisation that provides medical and other insurances to federations such as ours. If you already have private medical cover I suggest that you take a look via the link on our website at the options available via HMCA. The savings on this type of policy alone, if it suits you, could save considerably more than any money you may spend on membership of the EBU! Have a look at all the membership benefits here.