Monday, 21 August 2006

Barry's Blog 3

Just back from Brighton; I hope that those of you who were there and enjoyed the superbly run Congress will join with me in being very proud of the way it was organised by all our staff. It could not be done better by any other group in the world.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the venue for the Congress. I personally received many complaints about almost every aspect of the service - or lack of it - from the Hilton Metropole. I had already formed a view that this venue had seen its best days many years ago and it was time to consider alternatives, however many people like being in Brighton in August. The level of dissatisfaction this time almost gives us no choice. From before the first event started Peter Jordan and his team attempted to rectify very many problems within the playing areas. By the last day not only were many of these faults still there, but also many more had occurred.

I am sure that many of you will be moved to complain about the venue. My strong suggestion is that if you have any complaints about the hotel you send them directly to the hotel’s General Manager at Hilton Brighton Metropole, Kings Road, Brighton, Sussex, BN1 2FU. As a participant I too was unhappy, so I know how you feel.

If you have any comments on any other aspects of the Congress then please direct them to me as you would normally.

If you have any ideas of where we should consider as an alternative venue, I am listening!